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Computerized Color Mixing

Kulavic's Auto Body employs one of the most advanced technologies of color mixing and matching to insure your vehicle's color finish is correct. With over 12,000 possible colors and variants, the SPIES-HECKER  color collection and formula retrieval systems assure your paint color can be exactly duplicated. Using this advanced technology saves time and materials and provides the technicians at Kulavic's Auto Body the most economical, up-to-date color matching available.

Service Specials:

Forever Detailing Service
We provide quality detailing for your automobile.
Fleet Account Specials
Kulavic's understands your priorities.

Just another way to provide the ' invisible repair ' that modern drivers demand. Setting the industry standard with advanced technologies and providing 100% customer satisfaction - That's the driving force at Kulavic's Auto Body!  


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