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Pitfalls to Avoid  

Many people have no idea what their auto insurance policy really says.  A common pitfall is to believe that they have 'Full Coverage' or 'Their insurance company will take care of everything'!  They come to us for repairs and are amazed to find that they don't even have provisions in their policy for rental car coverage.  Many policies are available that are excellent coverage and there are a lot of solid insurance companies and agents.

We simply suggest that you get your policy out and read it. Maybe even go over it with your agent and really get to know exactly what it is your paying for every month!

Other Information

Things to know before or after an accident.

Warranty Information
Details on all warranties.

Many people are not prepared to make the decisions they are forced to make shortly after being involved in an accident.  We have people who say 'I just had a wreck, what do I need to do to have my car fixed?'  

If you have taken the time to review your insurance policy some of these decisions would be answered. We believe it is a good idea to take some time to think some of the decisions through in advance.  Sit down with your spouse, a close friend, your agent etc. and get some answers to questions like, 'If I was involved in an accident, what decisions do I need to make and how would I make them?'

YOU HAVE JUST BECOME INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENT!  It can happen that quick anytime your driving.   Not a pleasant thought... Unfortunately it happens.  Even to the best of drivers.  It may or may not be your fault!  But what happens afterwards is up to you.  Many people believe that since their insurance company is paying the bill, the decisions should be up to them.  The truth is: It is your money that the insurance company is spending to pay for repairs.  Remember, you pay premiums every month and count on the insurance company to be there for you. It's your money.  It's your car. You make the decisions.

Remember: Know your policy. Make sure you haven't signed anything that may limit the decisions you need to make in order to protect the investment in your vehicle! 

If you have any questions that may make you feel better prepared, please feel free to contact us:







We may be able to help you better prepare and avoid the previous pitfalls!

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